Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cancer lab

Go to this site. Follow the instructions for the virtual lab.

Tape the
data table onto your next blank page (should be about page 76)

Once you have calculated the percentages, answer the following questions, on the same page.

  • Based on your data and observations, what are some of the Differences between normal cells and cancer cells?

  • Which type of cancer shows the most aggressive growth? Explain.

  • When studying cell division in tissue samples, scientists often calculate a mitotic index, which is the ratio of dividing cells to the total number of cells in the sample. Scientists often calculate the mitotic index to compare the growth rates of different types of tissue. Which type of tissue would have a higher mitotic index, normal tissue or cancerous tissue? Explain.
Need help calculating percents? Do it like this:
Cells in mitosis - first add up all the cells in p or m or a or t = P+M+A+T
Let's say that there is 1 cell out of 20 in mitosis. 1/20 * 100% = 5%
Now there should be 19 in interphase, so 19/20 * 100% = 95%
does 5% + 95% = 100% --> yes, so we're probably doing
it correctly :-)

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